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About Michael Law, MD

Dr. Law is devoted to providing his patients with an aesthetic surgery practice environment that affords the greatest degree of safety and comfort possible, and complete confidentiality. To that end he performs all major cosmetic surgeries in fully accredited surgical facilities and uses only board-certified M.D. anesthesiologists to provide anesthesia care. He also provides patients with complimentary overnight observation at the surgery center with skilled nursing care following major surgical procedures.

His cosmetic plastic surgery patients benefit from the combination of his extraordinary training, his ability to communicate effectively and compassionately, his ability to identify and understand each cosmetic surgery patient's individual treatment goals, and his talent for producing natural-appearing aesthetic enhancements. As a leading North Carolina plastic surgeon, Dr. Law also believes that cosmetic surgery is not necessarily the ideal 'solution' for every patient's concerns, and for that reason he has incorporated a state-of-the-art, award-winning medical spa into his aesthetic surgery practice. Blue Water Spa offers a full spectrum of medical aesthetic technology and services that can provide both surgical and non-surgical patients with significant aesthetic enhancements, with minimal or no 'down time'.

This fully-integrated cosmetic surgery practice and medical spa provides aesthetic enhancements for patients at any stage in the aging process, and for patients with both modest and dramatic treatment goals. Dr. Law takes pride in offering only those products, services and procedures which are safe, effective and scientifically sound.

Education & Training

Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Medical School: Emory University
General Surgery Residency: University of California Los Angeles
Plastic Surgery Residency: University of Southern California
Plastic Surgery Fellowship: University of Southern California


Practice, Michael Law, MD

10941 Raven Ridge Rd
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Questions Answered

Asked 2014-09-29

Do you recommend Belotero instead of Restylane under the eye?

6 Answers
Michael Law, MD
Answered: 2014-09-30
Neither Belotero or Restylane should be injected under the eye. The results are unpredictable. I have yet seen any physician who can provide even half a dozen before and after photos of patients who have archived a beautiful, natural result with either restylane or Belotero. I think consumers should look for dozens of before and after images before making a long term change to their appearance. In some cases, the damaging effects of under eye injections can be permanent. The only material I use for under eye enhancement is structural fat grafting using a patient's own fat. I have many, many before and after images of patients who have received fat grafting. These photos range from weeks, to months, to years after the treatment has been performed. Structural fat grafting is the placement of fat - harvested using a syringe aspiration technique from a remote location on the trunk or thighs – into an area of hollowness or soft tissue deficit using small syringes and small blunt cannulas. As needles are not used, fat grafting is technically not an ‘injection’. The key to success with structural fat grating is the meticulous placement of small amounts of fat (tiny globules) diffusely throughout the area that is being enhanced.
Asked 2014-09-30

I'm becoming really unhappy about the lines in my forehead. I'm 27 now and this year have noticed them more than ever. People have said for years that I look moody and tired all the time, half the time people ask if I'm stoned as well because of how droopy my eyes are. I'm only 27 and am dreading…

4 Answers
Michael Law, MD
Answered: 2014-10-03
It is highly unlikely that you would benefit from a forehead lift at your age. It is difficult to tell without an in person consultation, but a full forehead lift is a significant surgery for anyone at any age. It is also a surgery that can leave people looking unnatural. Many people benefit from a lateral brow lift. At tour young age, skin care and Botox could potentially provide a nice result although a consultation would be in order.
Asked 2014-06-23

Hello, I am a very physically active female and I'd like to know what type of breast implants would be best so that I still look very natural. Also, I'm very muscular and I do not want to look like I have implants. I want them to fall naturally and I don't want them too large. Where do I begin?

12 Answers
Michael Law, MD
Answered: 2014-09-24
Natural looking breast implants can absolutely be achieved. Start by viewing many, many before and after images. "Natural looking" means different things to different people. If you look at the breast implant before and after gallery on the website of a plastic surgeon, you can get an idea of their perception of "natural". Photos can also give you an opportunity to see evidence of performing surgery with expertise. A natural looking result means breast implants of the correct size, the right shape, with ideal placement of positioning. Biodimensional planning principals can help a plastic surgeon customize a plan for the ideal, natural looking breast implant surgery.
Asked 2014-09-17

I'm almost 22 years old and I've noticed that my breasts sag badly. Since I first started puberty and started wearing bras, they still became sag-ish. I lost weight over the years, could this be a factor? What's the best solution to fix this problem?

3 Answers
Michael Law, MD
Answered: 2014-09-17
The goal of mastopexy surgery is to produce an aesthetically pleasing, projecting breast that ideally maintains its improved shape over time. This can only be accomplished by some internal rearrangement of breast tissue which often involves removal and/or repositioning of lower pole tissue, and suture repair of the internal structure of the breasts. Unfortunately, the terms used to describe different mastopexy surgeries primarily refer to the surgical scars, and they do not communicate what technique is used to actually produce the lifted breast appearance. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy is a surgery to lift the breasts. An important concept for prospective patients to understand is the fact that a breast lift which is a skin surgery only, when performed on breasts with significant volume and advanced ptosis (droopiness), is doomed to fail. Skin is elastic and stretches out when placed on tension, and is therefore unable to support the weight of the breast over time. A mastopexy that consists only of removal of skin excess without some internal rearrangement of breast tissue will inevitably result in a breast that appears bottomed out and once again droopy over time. A ‘bottomed out’ appearance refers to a breast where lower pole tissue has stretched out the lower pole skin, allowing the lower pole tissue to descend below the inframammary fold. Bottoming out of lower pole tissue also serves to ultimately make the nipple-areola complex appear too high on the breast, which is a distinctly unaesthetic mastopexy appearance and is to be avoided at all costs. I strongly prefer to perform mastopexy surgeries primarily using a vertical mastopexy technique, which includes removal of excess lower pole tissue below the nipple-areola complex. Once the tissue is removed, the remaining medial and lateral lower pole elements are sutured together below the nipple-areola complex to tighten the lower pole and lift the breast. In patients who need additional upper pole fullness, the central lower pole tissue that would otherwise be removed can actually be mobilized but left attached to the chest wall at its base - which preserves its blood supply - and then advanced in a submammary pocket behind the upper pole of the breast where it is sutured to the chest wall to maintain its lifted position. This is referred to as an ‘auto-augmentation mastopexy’, and in appropriate patients it is an excellent technique for creating long-lasting upper pole fullness in a mastopexy patient who does not require (or who does not want) simultaneous breast augmentation using an implant, but who would benefit from additional breast volume locally in the upper poles.

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Consultation Price
We have a two-part consultation process. Your initial consultation is a complimentary appointment with one of our experienced Cosmetic Surgery Patient Coordinators that is 30 to 45 minutes long. Your Patient Coordinator can give you answers to general questions you may have about surgical procedures in this practice. They will also discuss with you your health history, expectations for surgery, and a general price range for the procedure(s) you are interested in. ‘Before and After’ photographs are also available for your review. If it is determined that the aesthetic enhancement in which you are interested can be accomplished in this practice, then a consultation appointment will be scheduled for you with Dr. Law.

Your consultation with Dr. Law is a one-hour appointment. Dr. Law will discuss with you in detail the aesthetic enhancement(s) that you have in mind, examine the area(s) that you wish to improve, and based on the discussion and examination will put together a personalized surgical plan that meets your individual needs. There is a $100 prepaid fee for this consultation. That charge will be applied to surgery, if you elect to proceed.

For out of town patients, a Cosmetic Surgery Consultant will discuss surgery with you by phone to determine if we can provide the surgical treatment in which you are interested. A completed intake form and digital photographs will be evaluated prior to your telephone appointment, and Dr. Law also requires copies of operative reports from any prior cosmetic surgery that has been performed on the body area for which you desire surgical improvement. Following the telephone appointment, a two-part, in-person consultation appointment may be scheduled, consisting of an initial 30-minute meeting with a Surgery Coordinator followed immediately by a one-hour consultation with Dr. Law.
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Michael Law, MD

Practice, Michael Law, MD

10941 Raven Ridge Rd
Raleigh, NC 27614
United States