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About Rohit Jaiswal, MD

Dr. Rohit Jaiswal, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic procedures. Dr. Jaiswal has been performing aesthetic surgery and non-invasive surgery for years in the Las Vegas and Arizona regions. He also holds an interest in migraine headache reduction procedures.

Education & Training

He attended the University of California, Berkeley as an undergraduate before getting his Medical Degree at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. In addition he has a supplemental degree as a Master of Public Health. Dr. Jaiswal graduated medical school cum laude- “with honors”- making him one of the top students in his medical school class.

Following medical school, he was accepted into the most competitive residency specialty in the world- plastic and reconstructive surgery. He did six years of intensive training at the University of California, Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California. There, he trained under world-renowned plastic surgeons in aesthetics, trauma/reconstruction, pediatric/ craniofacial, and hand surgery. Following this he did an additional year of even more advanced training at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Questions Answered

Asked 2021-02-27

I’m 10 weeks since my tummy tuck surgery, everything has gone well. However I do feel that I am still swollen, above my belly button and below my belly button not as much as at the beginning but it’s still swollen. I have no pain at all just the same tightness feeling. I’ve read that it depends on…

2 Answers
Rohit Jaiswal, MD
Answered: 2023-04-22
Swelling can be present to some degree for 6 months or sometimes longer after abdominoplasty (i.e. tummy tuck). In all likelihood the swelling and tightness are normal for the course of healing but you should visit your surgeon so he/she can examine you and determine if there are any abnormalities. It could be possible there are fluid collections present, known as a seroma. I have my patients do a regimen of support garments (foam pads, abdominal binders or faja) and lymphatic massage post op to help reduce swelling, decrease risk of seroma formation, promote a better overall shape, and to speed up softening of internal scar tissue. Occasionally I will also prescribe a diuretic and have found high patient satisfaction with using this to reduce post op swelling.
1 Answer
Rohit Jaiswal, MD
Answered: 2023-04-22
Thank you for the question. The answer depends on your examination and a discussion of what exactly you are unhappy about with regard to nipple position- too high, too low, asymmetric? That being said, implants can help with giving you back the size you want in addition to imparting a rounder shape to the breasts and enhancing cleavage. It may also help with nipple position as well. Depending on your exam, NAC repositioning may be needed if there is a large distance that needs to be corrected and sometimes this cannot be determined until you are in surgery and the implants are in place so the surgeon can assess the positioning and symmetry of the nipples. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon for examination and discussion of the different options.

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