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About Michael A. Epstein, MD

Dr. Epstein is a Chicago Plastic Surgeon whose goal is to meet your every expectation while insuring that your surgical experience is as comfortable as possible. He and his exceptional staff are dedicated to providing their professional guidance to address your unique circumstances and desires. From the moment your appointment is taken over the phone, through your last post operative visit, you'll be treated with compassion, courtesy, confidentiality and respect.

Education & Training

The University of Michigan - BS 1981
Wayne State University School of Medicine - MD 1985
Internship - The Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center 1985-1986
Surgery Resident - Michael Reese Hospital
Chief Surgery Resident - Michael Reese Hospital
Plastic Surgery Resident - Detroit Medical Center and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital 1990-1992


Practice, Michael A. Epstein MD

1535 Lake Cook Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062
United States

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Asked 2021-04-10

Is it possible that a deviated septum can create a more nasally-sounding voice? Could this procedure, in turn, alleviate some of the "nasalliness" that comes with how I sound (in addition to the more obvious problems like difficulty breathing)? The reason I ask is because my job is 99% about my…

1 Answer
Michael A. Epstein, MD
Answered: 2021-04-13
Yes, a significantly deviated septum often causes some disturbance in airflow and thus can contribute to or be the main source of a hypernasal voice quality. There are other potential sources of airflow disturbances such as narrow or collapsed nostril support, enlarged turbinates, etc. If the septal deviation is in part or fully the cause of airway pathology then a septoplasty is usually the cure.
Asked 2021-03-18

I had an open rhinoplasty five months ago and developed an internal abscess soon after. This has resulted in scar tissue around the area causing a pollybeak appearance from one side only. The result was perfect before the infection occurred. The surgeon has administered Morpheus8 radio frequency and…

1 Answer
Michael A. Epstein, MD
Answered: 2021-03-19
Giving you answers to address your specific concerns would be challenging and probably not appropriate without reviewing your preoperative photographs, reviewing the details of your operation and postoperative course, and examining you in person. That being considered, based on the information that you have relayed above, I believe that it is unlikely that your nasal shape will return to the form that you witnessed immediately after surgery and you probably will need a secondary procedure to correct any deformity caused by the infection and subsequent scar tissue. I am not entirely sure what the thought process is behind the Morpheus8 treatments. For now, the best course is massage, possible steroid injections, and time. After appropriate healing time for the inflammation to settle down, a follow up evaluation and surgical correction is likely.
Asked 2021-02-20

What are the surgery options for a double chin? I am a 21yo F and I already had a consultation a few months ago for chin liposuction. I was told I wasn’t a good candidate bc I don’t have enough fat and my soft jawline is mostly muscle. Is platysmaplasty an option or are there any others that would…

3 Answers
Michael A. Epstein, MD
Answered: 2021-02-23
There are many possible causes for your perceived double chin. It is impossible to make a recommendation without seeing you in person and performing a physical exam. If superficial fat is the cause then liposuction may be the answer. If your fat under your chin is deep (under the platysma muscle) then direct excision through a small incision under the chin may be necessary. If there is mild to moderate looseness of the skin and or platysma muscle then it might be possible to treat that with subdermal radiofrequency, like Renuvion. If there is an excessive amount of loose skin (which is highly doubtful given your age) then a more formal neck lift might be the best option. It is also possible that you have a "weak" mandible (bony chin) and then a skeletal augmentation or advancement might be a part of the answer. As you can see, it starts with making the correct diagnosis before recommending a potential treatment.
Asked 2021-02-09

Is it possible to perform surgery to make ears more prominent?

1 Answer
Michael A. Epstein, MD
Answered: 2021-02-19
I suppose so, but the small size would have to be quite significant to warrant the series of procedures that it would take to do something like that. This would fall more in the realm of reconstruction rather than in the arena of aesthetic improvement. Afterall, it is possible to reconstruct total ears for individuals that are born with a condition called microtia. In most of those patients they may only start out with the vestiges of only a lobe. The reconstructive process often involves multiple procedures where skin, soft tissue, and a skeletal framework needs to be created.

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Northbrook Plastic Surgery is accredited by the prestigious AAAASF. Providing the ultimate in discretion and privacy for his patients, Dr. Epstein's operating room is equipped with state of the art monitoring and safety devices.

Michael A. Epstein, MD

Practice, Michael A. Epstein MD

1535 Lake Cook Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062
United States