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About Hayley A. Brown, MD

Our Goal is to listen and understand a person's desires, recognize the potential of that individual, and provide an honest opinion of what can be achieved using the latest plastic surgical techniques. With quality work, attention to detail, dedication to excellence, and genuine concern about each individual patient, Dr. Brown has the opportunity not only to enhance an individual's appearance, but also to improve self-confidence, self-esteem and quality of life.

Education & Training

University of California, San Diego-Bachelors degree in Bioengineering
University of Texas Medical School at Houston-Medical Doctorate
Phoenix Integrated General Surgery Residency-General Surgery Residency
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque-Plastic and Reconstructive Fellowship


Practice, Hayley A. Brown MD

10001 S Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV 89052
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Questions Answered

Asked 2016-01-04

I had a vertical breast reduction 1 month ago. I have lower pole fullness and look droopy with high nipples. I had a medial pedicle. 500 g was removed from each breast. Breasts now end at the crease of my elbow not my belly button but I feel they are to big and my surgeon agrees but what's the…

8 Answers
Hayley A. Brown, MD
Answered: 2016-01-10
Revision surgery after vertical breast reduction should be fairly straightforward. I would definitely wait at least 6 months if not longer to allow your tissues to heal if you are going to have a secondary breast reduction. Small lower pole scar revisions can be done sooner. Without a revision, you will see continued changes in your breast for months and even up to one year after vertical breast reduction so be patient.
Asked 2016-02-29

I had 16 year old silicone breast implants removed. 350cc, I think. I had a lift done at the same time. Right breast has loose skin, wrinkly just below the nipple. Will skin fill in or retract? I am 53 years old with good elasticity, for my age, I'm in good health and in good shape. I'm worried it…

5 Answers
Hayley A. Brown, MD
Answered: 2016-03-06
When implants are removed with simultaneous breast lift, it is not unusual to see some minor contour irregularities at first. Typically the contours improve over 6 months, rarely it can take up to 1 year. If there are still some issues at that time, a touch up may be considered to improve the outcome.
Asked 2016-02-12

How many areas of liposuction can be treated at one time? I was wondering if you could have 10 areas of liposuction done in one week, like separate them into 5 each day, wait a day, and then have the other 5 on day 3? I am 5'4" and 150lbs, the largest area that would be removed is my butt. The rest…

6 Answers
Hayley A. Brown, MD
Answered: 2016-02-21
Body contouring surgery for someone of your height and weight is typically done in one setting with one recovery, provided you are healthy. Multiple areas can be treated. Liposuction of areas like the mons remove very small amounts of fat. Calves and ankles are rarely done. If the fat removal is going to be over 5-6 liters, or if it will take longer than 6 hours under general anesthesia, then staged procedures are recommended. It takes time to recover from surgery so second stage surgery can be performed 2-6 months later, depending on the individual. You need to be seen in consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine what would be best.
Asked 2015-12-03

Should I remove my breast tissue and are there any future complications by doing this? I am going for my second breast lift and replacement of my current breast implants. My current situation is that my own breast tissue has separated from my implants resulting in my breasts drooping again. To…

3 Answers
Hayley A. Brown, MD
Answered: 2015-12-06
When a woman has breast implants and issues with recurrent sagging or tissue stretch, removing your native tissue may not be in your best interest. In order to maintain implants you need a certain amount of breast tissue coverage and support. Women with breast implants have re-operation throughout their life to remove and replace implants. Implants will tend to thin surrounding tissues over time. There may be a point in a woman's life where her implants need to be removed. It is helpful in those situations to be able to use residual breast tissue to restore an normally contoured breast mound. I would recommend a few consultations with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

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Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center carries their own custom-designed skin care products, with a program designed by Dr. Brown. These products are highly effective for skin rejuvenation and skin health, with anti-aging effects such as reduction in fine lines, treatment of pigmentation and other discolorations, and improvements in uneven surface texture.
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Hayley A. Brown, MD

Practice, Hayley A. Brown MD

10001 S Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV 89052
United States