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About Antonio J. Gayoso, MD

We are committed to providing you with privacy, comfort, and highly personalized service throughout your experience with us.

Education & Training

Dr. Gayoso was born in Gainsville, FL and he completed his undergraduate education at Duke University and the University of Florida. His medical degree was completed at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida and his surgical training was completed at the Medical University of South Carolina, both in general surgery and plastic surgery.


Practice, Antonio J. Gayoso MD

1515 22nd Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
United States

Additional Information

Consultation Price
After you make your consultation appointment, you should look to your mail because you will quickly receive a welcome packet that will include a confirmation of your appointment, intake forms to fill out, and a map and driving directions. Click here to download patient paperwork. Your packet will also include some basic information about Dr. Gayoso as well as some specific information about the procedure or procedures you are considering. You are encouraged to read through this information and bring any questions you may still have to the consultation.

Dr. Gayoso doesn't believe in fly-by" consultations. Instead, he will take the time to listen to your concerns and goals, answer all your questions, and give detailed recommendations. He will talk to you, but also perform a physical exam, and help you understand the procedure by showing "before and after pictures of previous patients . You will also meet Amy Thomas, Dr. Gayoso's nurse of 10 years.

After you have worked out a surgical plan with Dr. Gayoso, you will meet with Lara Hartford to review fees, logistics, and other questions you may have. At this time, you will discuss financial considerations, including the possibility of financing plans for your surgery. Lara will be your surgical "concierge," always on-hand and available to take care of any concerns or issues may have related to your surgery. She makes herself available for you 24/7 with her cell phone.

Lara will schedule your surgery at the accredited Bayfront Same Day Surgery Center . You will be given a preoperative information packet. This includes all the information you need to get ready for surgery.

You will return to our office for your preoperative appointment 2 weeks before surgery. At this appointment you will discuss the details of your surgery again and come up with a finalized surgical plan. This is where your preoperative photos will be taken. If you are a breast augmentation patient, this is also where you will determine the size and type of implant you will use for your procedure. You will meet with Amy at this appointment as well. She will go over all the preoperative and postoperative information you need to know. At this appointment, you will also sign your informed consent documents.

After your surgery, you will have a number of follow-up appointments at regular intervals to ensure your healing is progressing as expected and that your results are shaping up as they should. You should also feel free to contact Lara with any questions or concerns you may have during the postoperative period, and she can help you get answers for any questions.

Even after your final follow-up consultation, you remain a part of our family of patients, and we welcome ongoing communication about how you are enjoying the results of your procedure.

The consultation process awaits just one thing, your call. Please contact us today to start on the road to your plastic surgery results. Helping patients in St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa achieve their cosmetic surgery goals!
Brands Offered
We have tried many different kinds of skin care products, and of all the ones we’ve tried, Obagi®is the best. Obagi® skin care products offer the best results for our patients and therefore we offer them exclusively. Obagi offers a full spectrum of skin care regimens, allowing us to customize one to your skin’s individual needs. Our master aesthetician Gina Gathings-Giancola will work with you to discover the best combination for you and your skin. You will be shown how to use each product, and be taught to follow the treatment plan to ensure you get the best possible results. You can also call or visit us to talk about your results and learn how to make them even better.

To learn more about the skin care options we offer, please call Gina Gathings-Giancoloa at 727-366-2227 today.
Board Certifications
American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)
Society Memberships
The Aesthetic Society
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons (FSPS)

Antonio J. Gayoso, MD

Practice, Antonio J. Gayoso MD

1515 22nd Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
United States