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The Aesthetic Society is a group of the most advanced board certified aesthetic plastic surgeons, here to help you safely become your most beautiful self.

Beyond The Before & After

A docuseries featuring patients who transformed their lives with the help of a qualified and caring aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Episode 3
Her Breasts = Courage

When Eva found out tumors had spread all over her breasts, everything got dark for her…

Episode 4
Happier In His Own Skin

Colby could see the negative impact his weight and lifestyle were having on his son...

Episode 1
Finally Putting Herself First

Jessica lost over 200 pounds but was left with a lot of excess skin, which she describes as…

Episode 2
Their Identity Confirmed

Kase was aching to be seen as someone who isn't feminine. Coming out as trans non-binary…

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5 Reasons Plastic Surgery Isn’t So Scary After All

Coffee or tea? To be or not to be? Life’s decisions have always been complicated lot. Thankfully, today’s decisions— at least when it comes to improving your physical appearance through plastic surgery — have become less complicated due to the many advances in technique, accessibility, and safety of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Of course, “advances”don’t always allay fears. So today — in a single dose of “fear be gone” — we’re going to squash 5 big fears that might be stopping you from making an informed decision…

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