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The Aesthetic Foundation Presidential Update May 2024
by Lisa Orozco
I am incredibly proud to be President of the rebranded, The Aesthetic Foundation! Like I said at the Business Meeting in Vancouver, Caroline Glicksman certainly set me up for success with all the progress of her year, and I know working with President-Elect, Pat McGuire, and the whole Foundation Board will lead to another year of growth and impact on our specialty.
Mark Theis, CEO
by Lisa Orozco

Greetings Society Members,

I didn’t want too much time to pass following our successful Aesthetic Meeting 2024 in Vancouver before providing some Society updates. I hope that, like me and many of our

UPDATE The Executive Edition
by Lisa Orozco

Greetings members, partners, and aesthetic professionals!

My first ninety days as CEO of The Aesthetic Society and ASERF have flown by – it’s hard to believe that the holidays are almost upon us.

I feel