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Douglas Steinbrech, MD

Fellowship Director
Douglas Steinbrech, MD
Contact Full Name
Douglas Steinbrech, MD
Contact Position
Fellowship Director
Contact Email
New York, New York, United States
Length of Fellowship
12 months
Start Date
Application Deadline
Malpractice Insurance Is Provided
Certificate Issued By
Douglas Steinbrech, MD Plastic Surgery
1 position(s) available
Contact Information
Douglas Steinbrech, MD
60 East 56th Street, Suite 302
New York, New York, United States 10022
[email protected]

Fellowship Dates: July 1 & Dec 1

This is a six-month fellowship where the fellow will learn everything there is to know about the future and the current state of men’s aesthetic plastic surgery.

The fellow will learn about facial and body implants including chin, cheek, jawline and body implants including a pecs, deltoids, bicep, tricep, forearm, quads, calf and gluteal augmentation.

In addition the fellow will learn the newest techniques related to BodyBanking lipo cell transfer for muscular enhancement. Other facial surgery including brow lift, face left, neck lift & blepharoplasty will of course be emphasized.