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The Skinny

Can We Change the Contour of Our Legs?
by aly-walansky

As almost any woman will tell you, finding a way to make our legs appear slimmer and more shapely is a constant challenge. Diet and exercise usually just doesn’t cut it either. Leg fat is stubborn

80 is the New 60
by Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS

In the last year, the number of 75 to 80- year-old individuals who have come to my office for cosmetic procedures has increased significantly. Body contouring, facelifts and fillers in preparation for

Lip Enhancement at Any Age
by mary-cunningham

Lips are the most sensual place on the face. Sure, bat your lashes all you want, but the lips can pout, entice, and excite… all at once.

The team over at New Beauty did a deep dive into what lip

How Common Are Stress-Related Skin Issues?
by aly-walansky

We’re all under a great deal of stress. Whether it’s difficult relationships or work situations, sometimes that stress takes a toll on our bodies.

We know stress can impact everything from our health

What really happens when you get Botox
by melissa-chapman

I have tried as hard as I possibly can to stop myself from frowning, screaming and getting mad at my kids and my husband. Why you ask? Is it because I am trying to be more grounded and Zen about life