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Americans Spend More Than $15 Billion on Aesthetic Procedures for the First Time Ever

Record-Breaking Figures Tied to Broad Array of Procedural Offerings, Healthy Eco

NEW YORK, NY (March 15, 2017) –  The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that Americans spent more than $15 billion dollars on combined surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures for the first time ever, accounting for an 11% increase over the past year alone. Surgical procedures account for 56% and nonsurgical procedures account for 44% of the total. This is the largest dollar amount spent on cosmetic surgery since ASAPS began its Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics survey two decades ago, in 1997. 

The figures do not come as a surprise to Daniel C. Mills, MD, President of ASAPS. “The numbers have been increasing in our industry year-over-year for a variety of reasons, he states. “A healthy economy with the lowest unemployment rate since 2008, a desire on the part of baby-boomers and their offspring to remain competitive in a youth-centric workforce, younger generations recognizing the value in preventative anti-aging care, and of course, procedural and technological innovations that provide patients with more personalized options in both the surgical and nonsurgical categories. In other words, there’s something for everyone,” he explains.

ASAPS data reflects emerging trends in relatively new surgical procedures including:

• Fat transfer to the breast, (up 41.4% since 2015)
• Fat transfer to the face, (up 16.7% since 2015)
• Labiaplasty, (up 23.2% since 2015)

“Patients are requesting more refined aesthetic procedures, that aren’t always indicative of past celebrity trends. Some women just want a subtle breast lift, as opposed to an increase in size. Others do want the volume, but choose an understated look by opting for newer procedures such as fat grafting to the breast. However, traditional procedures like breast implantation have not decreased, so I believe what we are seeing is a larger number of patients overall, many of whom are now taking advantage of the newer options available,” explains Mills.  “This is why fat grafting to the face and breast continues to be so popular. Likewise labiaplasty, once a niche procedure, is now becoming mainstream.”

The data also identified the top 5 surgical and nonsurgical procedures for men and women combined for the 2016 calendar year as follows:

• Liposuction                                  414,335
• Breast Augmentation                   310,444
• Tummy Tuck                                181,540
• Eyelid Surgery                              173,883
• Breast Lift                                     161,412

Nonsurgical Procedures (Men and Women Combined)
• Botulinum Toxin                            4,597,886
• Hyaluronic Acid                             2,494,814
• Hair removal                                 1,035,783
• Photorejuvenation (IPL)                  657,172
• Chemical Peels                               616,225

To obtain a full copy of ASAPS’ latest statistics, including a PDF book containing press-ready infographics, please click here.


About the ASAPS Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank
ASAPS, working with an independent research firm, compiled the 19-year national data for procedures performed 1997-2016. A paper-based questionnaire was mailed to 30,000 board-certified physicians. An online version of the questionnaire was also available.  A total of 795 physicians returned questionnaires, of which 92 were retired or otherwise inactive during 2016. 

Final figures have been projected to reflect nationwide statistics. Though the confidence intervals change by procedure, depending on the grouping’s sample size and the response variance, the overall survey portion of this research has a standard error of +/- 3.65% at a 95% level of confidence.

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