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Four Facts to Know Before Taking the Breast Augmentation Plunge

Four Facts to Know Before Taking the Breast Augmentation Plunge
Four Facts to Know Before Taking the Breast Augmentation Plunge

I think most of us women have a love/hate relationship with our breasts. While they were “technically designed” as a tool to feed our young - they have somehow morphed into a symbol of what it means to be feminine, fertile and alluring. And since our breasts then become extensions of and a barometer of our beauty and sex appeal - it is inevitable that so many of us become tortured by the appearance of our mammary glands. I’d say it is rare that you will find any woman whose breasts aren’t too small, too big or misshapen. And then there is the predicament of the breastfeeding mom- who actually takes advantage of her breasts’ biological use only to find that post-feeding said breasts have lost all shape, form and even some size. Well, it’s enough to drive ANYONE straight through the doors of their nearest plastic surgeon for an augmentation.

For me, since breastfeeding I’ve been coveting a smaller, perkier cup size and am always on the fence about getting surgery to reduce and lift “my girls.” The truth is, so many of us have questions about our breasts and whether or not to take the proverbial plunge and undergo breast augmentation. Here are just a few facts to have in your arsenal if 2016 is the year you are ready to go forth and garner different cleavage!

Is Bigger Always Better?

While most of us might think bigger is always better, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur W. Perry emphatically says, absolutely not!

“The goal of a breast augmentation is to create normal sized breasts,” notes Dr. Perry. “The objective, for example, is for a flat-chested woman to be able to fit into normal clothing. In fact, the larger the implants, the worse the woman will look over time.” Dr. Perry adds that “drooping occurs faster with larger implants which often look “fake” because their ridges are more likely to be visible and the edge of the implant may be seen.”

One Size Does NOT Fit All.

According to Dr. Perry, the size of the implant depends on the size of the woman. For example a 4’11” 98 pound woman may be very happy with a 150 cc implant but that size would be inadequate in a 5’10”, 170 pound woman. The larger woman may need a 350 cc or larger implant to make an impact.

To help a woman find a size that works best for her body, Dr. Perry will have the woman bring in the bra she wants to fit into and try different sized implants in her bra. Dr. Perry then asks the prospective patient to put on her shirt over her bra and will have her look at her physique from different angles. Once the patient’s size is chosen, Dr. Perry has her, “sign off” on that size and he never changes the size in the operating room. In his opinion, women are very happy choosing their size this way and it lessens the chance of an unhappy or surprised patient after surgery.

The good news, notes Dr. Perry, is that the industry now boasts a new generation of shaped implants called “gummy bear” or “form stable” implants. These implants are revolutionary because for the first time, the implants can provide a shape to the breast without the necessity of additional scars. The old implants were shaped by the breast but the new ones shape the breast itself.

The Brazilian Influence is REAL

“There is a big Brazilian influence that has spread to places like Miami where women do request larger implants,” says Dr. Perry. “However, it is the job of the plastic surgeon to explain the risks and benefits of these large implants. To a certain extent, an ethical plastic surgeon will allow large implants, but when the request would be expected to have a high chance of a bad result, an ethical plastic surgeon will turn down that patient. Unfortunately, the “shopper” will most likely find another surgeon who is willing to take their money in exchange for disproportionate and enormous implants.”

Is the Larger-than-Life Implant a Dinosaur?

Dr. Perry admits it is hard to make generalizations about breast augmentation trends since the surgery is such an individualized procedure. For example he notes while the request for one cup size up is appropriate for a patient with a B cup, that kind of augmentation and size might not be enough for a patient sporting a double A cup. And fortunately, (or unfortunately - depending which side of the debate you are on) there are still women who are requesting obviously fake looking results.

“It is a curious phenomenon that I believe is fueled by the pornography industry, where enormous implants are so common,” notes Dr. Perry. “Most women do not see many other naked women and their frame of reference is often shaped by the pornography industry.”

Bottom line? Patients should seek out a plastic surgeon with outstanding integrity who will be forthcoming about what will and won’t work for you as an individual patient. Dr. Perry feels strongly that breast augmentation should produce a normal, or natural appearance as that really is the goal of all plastic surgery.

To learn more about breast augmentation, visit the procedure page.


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